Why can’t i follow a specific person on instagram? (Solutions)

Instagram has made its own important place in social media. Billion users are connected on Instagram from all over the world, due to which Instagram has very strict guidelines like prevent abuse, harassment and any misuse of the platform. Sometimes if you accidentally break some of these guidelines, then Instagram limits some functions in your account like you will not be able to post, you cannot comment and you cannot follow anyone else on Instagram. You must know why it happens and how to prevent it.

Here are some factors to guide you with your Instagram account issues. It could be a network connectivity glitch, excessive use of network connectivity glitch, too much use of Instagram for a while, Authentication error and more. Let’s

Why can't i follow a specific person on instagram?
Why can’t i follow a specific person on instagram?

Why can’t I follow anyone on Instagram?

Let’s do step wise work which you are currently facing on Instagram.

  1. You must be using Bots or else you must be using Third-Party Apps
  2. Reauthenticate your Instagram account
  3. Check your network connection
  4. Instagram has blocked your account by taking action
  5. You have exceeded limit
  6. Check the Instagram servers
  7. Users might have blocked you
  • Follow the steps on the given number and fix your Instagram account from which you’re currently facing this issues.

1. You Must Be Using Bots Or Else You Must Be Using Third-Party Apps

  • When you use bots and third-party apps to perform certain functions in the app, this act violates Instagram’s policy, due to which Instagram ban you for following anyone.

2. Reauthenticate Your Instagram Account

  • Due to the error of account authentication on Instagram, you are not able to follow anyone. So it’s time you log out of that account and log in again with the same account information.

Step 1: Open Instagram on Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Go to your account and click on the three line menu visible on the top right corner.

Step 3: Open Your Instagram Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down the screen and click on log out, then Confirm your decision to log out from your account.

Step 5: You signed back in to that Instagram account and then followed the other account without any issues.

3. Check Your Network Connection

  • Whenever you run your phone with an incomplete network connection, so only then you will face problem in refreshing feed, sending message or following someone else on your social media platform. Only then you will reset your phone in reset mode, only then when your phone will open again, it will give you full network connectivity.
  • If you are still facing internet issue then contact your internet customer care number and tell them the problem of your pack.

4. Instagram Has Blocked Your Account By Taking Action

  • Whenever you follow someone for a short time and then unfollow all at once, either you remove comments and likes at once. Only then it goes against the Instagram company’s guideline, then Instagram blocks your account action. This block is such that you are able to run your account but you are not able to comment, share or follow anyone, you can also call it “Read Only Mode”.
  • If this warning Instagram gives you the first time, then relax, it will go away in a few days, but if you repeat this 3 times, then Instagram also deletes your account permanently, if you are facing this issue now, then do not brake again for the above reasons.

5. You Have Exceeded Limit

  • To prevent spam and bots on the platform, Instagram has kept some such limits that you do not follow more than 200 people in 1 hour from your account, and you can’t follow anyone above 7500 from your Instagram account daily. If you exceed the maximum limit, you will no longer be able to follow more Instagram accounts. Please wait for a day or two then start following more accounts back without any issues.
  • The accounts you should stop following who you interact with the least, while you wait for Instagram to lift the limit.

6. Check The Instagram Servers

  • You may still have trouble following if the Instagram servers are having a bad day. To check that the Instagram servers are not running, once you call your friends and ask them so that you can confirm. If you confirm that the Instagram server is not working, then wait for a few hours until the server is fixed.

7. Users Might Have Blocked You

Whenever someone blocks you on Instagram, even then you are not able to follow him, if any such problem comes, then you call him, otherwise you can sort it out by contacting any social media platform, otherwise, you can also meet him directly and ask him to remove you from the block list.

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