Snapchat camera not focusing iPhone? Try These Solutions

Some Snapchat iPhone users report that the front and rear cameras are not working properly. Users also say that the camera is freezing and sometimes gets stuck on different camera modes like portrait mode.

For some time now I am seeing the issue of poor video quality. The images of the videos seem to be of low quality. If you believe that the way the iPhone works in the camera, in the same way, it is also working in the Snapchat app. So this is your illusion.

Snapchat camera not focusing iPhone?
Snapchat camera not focusing iPhone?

If your Snapchat camera is getting poor quality pictures, then we have already shared it with you, read about it.

Below are some steps to fix your problem if you think it could be, then fix your Snapchat app by following the steps mentioned above.

Why Snapchat Can’t Focus Camera iPhone Properly?

Some steps have been told to fix this reason, I am mentioning the steps to you, then we will tell you the solution after that.

1. Restart Your Device.

2. Update Your Snapchat App.

3. Check Your Internet Connection.

4. Refresh Your Snapchat Camera Setting.

5. Turn off the Portrait mode.

6. Delete and reinstall snapchat app.

To know these steps better, below we have told you how to use it correctly.

1. Restart Your Device

Restart your device so that your Snapchat problem can be fixed. Do something exactly as I tell you:

1. Close the Snapchat app. then swipe up snapchat from your home tab.

2. Now turn off your iPhone then turn it back on.

3. As soon as your iPhone restarts, open your Snapchat and test again.

2. Update Your Snapchat App

  • Please check that you are using the latest version of iOS and Snapchat app. If your iOS and Snapchat are out of date, some of your Snapchat features like video calls and snaps may not work properly.
  • Go to Settings> General> Software Update on your iPhone to update your i{hone, then go to the App Store and update Snapchat.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is giving trouble, then even in that Snapchat camera does not work properly. I will recommend you some tips that you should try:

  • Turn on Airplane Mode, on your iPhone wait for a while then turn it off.
  • Restart your iPhone then open snapchat and test the camera again.
  • Sometimes you use Snapchat over cellular. If you are doing this then enable this option on your Snapchat. You will find it in your settings > Cellular (Mobile Data) then turn on Snapchat.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, you should restart Wi-Fi Modern or router.

4. Refresh Your Snapchat Camera Setting

  • It’s very simple to fix, on you iPhone, go to Settings > Snapchat camera turn off and wait for a while then turn camera back on.

5. Turn Off The Portrait Mode

  • iOS 15 has support for portrait video and audio effects when Snapchat does. If you see that the camera is stuck, that too in portrait mode, it is because the feature is enabled. You can also disable it.

How to check it and turn off what you want. follow the steps:

1. Open the Snapchat app.

2. On Snapchat, swipe down in the top right corner of your screen to open the Control Center.

3. There you will find two options, one for Video Effects and the other for Mic Mode.

4. Tap Video Effects.

5. If it’s “Portraits On“, you can turn it off.

6. Close Control Center.

6. Delete and reinstall Snapchat app

  • If the camera issue still persists in the app, so there is only one solution, that delete it and reinstall it again.

We hope that you will find this step very helpful and you will share it further with the needy people, we also hope that

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