Instagram stories not uploading? Try This

A few days ago, I uploaded a story on my Instagram account, then I thought that this story will be successfully uploaded. But a few hours, later when I checked my story it was not uploaded and I was totally surprised, and a symbol coming down on my Instagram story post that was in a rotating circle.

I waited for some time. But even that nothing was happening my update was stuck at posting. Now I wanted to delete this story and upload it again, but there was no option to delete it. I was not understanding anything then, so I thought to switch to another account and my story post might get deleted.

Instagram stories not uploading?
Instagram stories not uploading?

Guess what? You cannot switch to another account until the story upload to your account is successful. Luckily, I fixed my issue with one of my solutions which is given below.

Why Instagram Stories Not Uploading?

  • So don’t take tension, you will also be able to fix your issue, which has been mentioned below, with the help of which you will be able to delete your stuck story.

1. Restart Phone.

2. Close Instagram App.

3. Switch To Either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

4. Turn Off Internet.

5. Turn On Airplane Mode.

6. Update Your Instagram App.

7. Clear Data On Android.

8. Reinstall Your Instagram App.

  • Let’s check them out:

1. Restart Phone

  • The simplest way would be that when you get this issue, then you restart your phone so that your issue can be resolved.
Instagram stories not uploading? Try This

2. Close Your Instagram App

  • Another simple way to solve your issue is to close your Instagram account. Closing Instagram does not mean that you close it by pressing the home button. You have to remove it from recent apps list.
Instagram stories not uploading? Try This

3. Switch To Either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

  • This issue also happens because your internet connection may be slow. To fix this, you have to switch your network to another one. For example, if you are running Instagram with Wi-Fi, then turn it off and run it with mobile data or vice versa.

4. Turn Off Internet

  • If you are not helped even after switching internet connections, then you should turn off all the internet from your phone. Yes, you can turn off both your Wi-Fi and mobile data together. After that, close your Instagram app from recent app lists.
  • After that again open your story section you will get delete button, then delete that story then it will be fine. But yes, before you publish the story, turn your internet back on.

5. Turn On Airplane Mode

  • Airplane mode turns off all connectivity on your phone. Be it Internet, Bluetooth, etc. If you do airplane mode, then your bad internet connection gets fixed and the issue you are facing also gets resolved.
  • Search from your iOS or Android’s Settings to find Airplane Mode. When you turn on airplane mode, first close the Instagram app. Then open Instagram and go to your story. Delete your story and turn off airplane mode

6. Update Your Instagram App

  • As the Instagram app starts getting old, many bugs come in it, so the easiest way to solve this is to update the Instagram app. In Android you can update the app from “Play Store” and in iOS you can do it from “App Store“.
Instagram stories not uploading? Try This

7. Clear Data On Android

  • Another way to fix your problem is to clear the data from the Instagram app on your device. You clear the cache from the apps so that all your data will be cleared. To clear the cache, the garbage that remains in your Instagram gets cleared, not that all your photos and videos will go away.

8. Reinstall Your Instagram App

  • If nothing works in these, then reinstall the Instagram app. For that first you uninstall Instagram from your phone.
  • After uninstalling the app, go to the Play Store or App Store and search for the Instagram app and install it again.

What’s The Issue

  • The reason that remains behind the issue is unknown, who does not know it, but in most terror cases, it is due to the internet. But make sure that you have kept your Instagram updated.
  • If you take care of this thing, then you will not have to face any problem like this.

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