How to know if someone ignored you on messenger?

You may send someone a message on Facebook and realize they are not responding, and it could be someone you used to chat with. Is the person ignoring you, or is the message not delivered?

It’s very tricky problem, but there are several ways you can tell if someone is ignored you on Messenger, as detailed in this guide.

How to know if someone ignored you on messenger

Quick Answer

The easiest way would be to tell that person if that person is not reading the message or is ignoring the message. One tick on the message messenger means that the message has gone, and two ticks means that the message has been delivered. Continue reading this blog if you want to know more ways if someone is ignoring you on messenger.

How boring to ignore Messenger when your message is urgent. This guide presents sexier ways you can use to tell if someone is ignored you on Messenger. Plus, it’s outlined what you can do when you find out that someone is ignoring you on Messenger..

Ignored You On Messenger

We have told you in this blog how to find out who is ignoring you on messenger. If the guy is checking your messages and not responding, then he doesn’t want to keep more interest in you than before.

If the message is being double clicked but the message is not replying, it has been many days, then tell his friend to message him. If he is replying to his friend, then he is ignoring you in the right way and if he is not replying, then you should ask that person directly.

If you are being ignored on messenger, then the reason for ignoring can be done and how you can find out, all that has been properly explained below to you check it out, and resolve this problem through our guidance.

How will I know if someone Ignored me on Messenger

There’s no definite way to be sure if someone ignored you on Messenger. But the following six simple tricks indicate that someone is ignoring you on Messenger.

1. One Message gets Two Blue Ticks

  • Facebook Messenger works just like WhatsApp, when you send a message, it will indicate a tick when sent. When the tick turns to two, the message has been received. If the tick turns blue or their profile picture appears below your text, the message has been read.
  • If your message goes to him then two blue ticks and his profile picture will come down on your message without any response.

2. Recently Seen

  • The second important feature of Messenger is that if a person is active on the platform. And you know it was activated five minutes ago, So then the person has chosen to ignore the message.

3. It’s Been a few Days

  • It is possible that someone has seen his/her messenger for some time but did not have time to reply to your message. But if it’s been a good few days since you messaged the person and they never responded, there’s a high chance that they’re ignoring you. You can confirm if they are ignoring you when you see them active most of the time but never received their response.

4. If that Person Is Active

  • Another sign that someone is ignoring you on Messenger is if they are active but not responding. It’s okay when someone fails to reply right away, but if you notice that they’re always active but never respond to your messages, they might be ignoring you.

5. Their Profile Pops up on your Message

  • When you use Facebook Messenger on your mobile app, you’ll see a profile picture appear with a message when they read it. The same happens when you send a message to a person. If their profile picture moves to your message without a response, it means they read the message but choose to ignore it.

6. Ask Someone Else To Message The Person

  • If you’re still not sure if someone is ignoring you on Messenger, you can ask another of your friends to text them. If they get a response while you haven’t, that means the person is muting you; so they can easily ignore you.

What should we do if someone is ignoring us on messenger?

  • What do you do when you know someone is ignoring you on Messenger? It’s frustrating that the person you’re hooked with is ignoring you, but such things happen. You don’t need to feel bad about it but accept it.
  • You should ask another person to message him and if you see that person has responded to him, then understand that he is ignoring you.


Messenger is a very famous app and most people use it only to have conversations with family and friends. Sometimes if you message a person and that person is not replying, that means he is ignored you on messenger. So this blog will guide you how to know whether the person is ignoring you or not, for this we have given you some 6 simple steps. After checking these six right steps, you will come to know whether he is really ignoring you or you were feeling like that!


Can I tell that I am being ignored on Messenger?

Messenger is a great messaging application; But there is no such feature that lets you know that you are being ignored on Messenger. There are two such easy tricks that you can tell that person by doing them. It is such that it can be detected by two blue ticks, two blue ticks show that the message has been read.

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