How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Snapchat? (Complete Guide)

How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Snapchat?
How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Snapchat?

When Snapchat was launched, many users liked this app very much, the reason for liking it is that privacy was seen in the app. Like once you saw a snap, then it disappeared after seeing it and the chats system was even more amazing. This chats was such that no one could ever track the conversation between you and your partner. But as time has gone by, Snapchat has updated the platform even more , for example you have given the option to save Snap and then you have given the option for Chats to be automatically removed after 24 hours and many updates have taken place.

But whatever you say, you will get to see it in all social media platforms that whenever someone deletes his account, that show does not happen.

Any social media platform anytime notifies his/her friend or anyone else, that your friend has deleted account. After deleting the account, it looks like the person blocked you.

If someone suddenly stops sending you snaps on Snapchat, how do you know if they have blocked you or deleted their own account?

It is not that easy to know but still today we will find out with you, that someone deleted their own account from Snapchat.

If you want to read more then keep reading about it.

How to know if someone deleted their snapchat or blocked you

  • Due to the rapidly increasing cybercrime, today all social media platforms have kept their platform more protected, that too keeping in view the users. Snapchat is also no different, it respects the privacy of all its users.
  • In another way, as if a person thinks that he will delete his account, then the Snapchat team respects his privacy and they do not notify any of her friends about her. So from here it is known that there are very few such options that you can find out about it by yourself.
  • But even in that we tell you some such steps from which there is a chance to know a little.

1. Search His Username On Snapchat

  • Whenever you are in the chat list of Snapchat, then you have noticed this small magnifying glass in the upper left side of the screen, after the Bitmoji on the right? Good, Whenever you click on that icon, a search bar will appear on your screen. Where you have to enter the username which you think has deleted the account.
  • Once you enter that username, after that as soon as you hit the enter button, you will get one of the two results. His name will be there or else it will not be there.

If you still get his username, then what does that mean?

  • If you still get the username of that person and you are able to send snaps to him, it means that he is still active. Although, maybe he has stopped checking the app otherwise he must have uninstalled the app.
  • On the other hand if you are able to see his profile but cannot send him snaps, so it could be because it has not been 30 days since the account was deleted.
  • Whenever a person deletes his account from Snapchat, Snapchat gives him 1 month free Snapchat gives 1 month to him that if his mind changes, he can activate his account again within 1 month. During this time the username remains active but you cannot talk to it.
  • If you come after 30 days and check whether the username is still there or not and you find that the username is not there, it means that the account is permanently deactivated and along with it all the conversions and snaps are also cleared.

If you can’t find the username, what does it mean?

  • There can be two reasons why you are not able to fund username on Snapchat. The first reason may be that he may have blocked you from the Snapchat account, which means that you are not able to keep in touch with that person in Snapchat.
  • The second reason could be that the guy must have deleted his snapchat account and it must have been more than a month ago.
  • So, how do you find out which of the following is a possibility in your case? The easiest way is to search your friend’s username on your friend’s Snapchat account. After checking account of all friends you will get more results.
  • If you can’t find her username on your friends’ accounts, then Snapchat has deleted her account.

2. Ask Them Directly

  • As we talked earlier, it is not so easy to find a deleted account in Snapchat. But if you try everything in the way we have explained to you and find out that the person has blocked you, then you go and ask him directly about it?
  • If you know that person personally, then you should ask him directly so that everything is clear and your burden is also reduced. By asking this, the person in front will also feel special. You can thank us later.

Last Words:

Like today we read that if someone deletes Snapchat account, then how to find it, the whole process is explained correctly in this blog. It is also explained in this blog that why any social media platform ever sends notification of delete account. In the last it has also been explained that how can you know that person blocked you or he has deleted his own Snapchat account.

We hope that this process will help you a lot and also you will share it further. Have a nice day.

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