How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?
How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram?

Instagram is a very famous app, which is used by many people. But if you talk about your privacy, then it is a bit difficult if you are new to the app. So in this blog we will see how you can hide your followers from other’s point of view.

Instagram has taken great care of your privacy on the platform and at the same time it is very easy to set this setting. Especially for those who have more followers Instagram has made it easier for those even for those who have less follower, it is easy to set it is not so difficult.

When Instagram did not have Reels or Stories, it was only a platform for uploading photos, but today the platform has changed over time and today has added a section of reels and stories, due to which many people worry about their privacy and some are not even able to set it.

Will you be able to hide followers from Instagram?

Many times the question comes that how do you hide your followers from Instagram? But then unfortunately you do not do this for your Instagram users.

How many did you follow like this and how many have followed you, it will be visible in your profile even then.

How to Hide Your Followers in Instagram Using Private Account?

Many people do not even think that they should make their account private or not. But unless you are a celebrity or an influencer, then you should keep your profile private.

You don’t know how the other person will see your photo and use the information you post.

Whenever you use a private account, then no other person can pick up your photo or your stories. And on that if you use public profile then all is visible to other person.

Private account has done one thing right there your followers and following list is visible only but who you follow is not visible. Visible numbers only.

Only done, whom you have given permission to follow, only they can see your follow list. On the other hand, it is in your public account that it remains visible who has followed you and who you are following.

There are 3 things in this that limit the visibility in the Instagram account.

  1. Switching to private mode
  2. Block / Remove user
  3. Restrict a user’s account.


We hope that you have got the answer of your questions that how to hide your followers on Instagram.

The very important thing here is that you should always keep your account on private mode and take care whenever you allow you to follow.

Always remember that both your posts and stories can be screenshot at any time, so never share your phone number or any private information on any of your social networks.

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