How to fix blurry wallpaper on android phone? (Solutions)

Setting wallpaper on Android phone is a very easy way and this thing is known by everyone.

Whenever, you set the wallpaper from Android, then it automatically changes the cropping and quality of the image and because of this only blurry wallpapers are set in your android which you never want.

How to fix blurry wallpaper on android phone?
How to fix blurry wallpaper on android phone?

There are many reasons to have blurry wallpapers in Android devices.

Read about why the wallpaper gets blurry and how to fix it.

Why my wallpaper becomes blurry in Android?

Some of the reasons given to you in this list.

1. Best Apps To Set Wallpaper Images.

2. First make sure that your Camera Is Okay.

3. Hardware Issue.

4. Check Image Resolution.

5. If you are using Live Wallpaper then check it.

6. Check the settings of your Android device.

These are 6 steps which are explained to you series wise, you read it and know about it.

1. Best Apps to set Wallpaper images

  • The worst thing on Android is that it forcefully makes you crop the image and then fits your screen, instead of direct fit screen size.
  • Sometimes the resolution of the original image does not work on the resolution screen. Android crops and blurry your image.
  • For this reason, you should use third party apps to set wallpaper images, that too without cropping and image quality does not decrease.
  • Here are the good ones:

1. 4K Wallpaper & HD Background

  • This is a free app that too with 4.5 rating and it is on google play store and its users are around 1 Million+.
  • You get unlimited wallpapers on this app and you can set them as per your wish without buying any pro version. This app also gives you trending wallpapers and live wallpapers.
  • Moreover, with this, you can also set a separate wallpaper on the lock screen and also you will be able to set a different one in the home screen as well.
  • Here you can also download popular wallpapers and it is very easy to use and set.

2. Wallcraft

  • It’s also gives exclusive wallpapers there, live wallpapers 4D, double and 24-hours wallpapers, which can makes your android devices more fantastic.
  • It has lots of exciting options like crop exact, crop landscape, and crop portrait for different styles.

2. First make sure that your camera is okay

  • If the photos you take are of blurry type, but the photos you downloaded remain correct, then there is a problem with the camera.
  • There can be many reasons for the blurry picture coming from the smartphone screen.
  • Make sure your camera lens is clean. Switch on the photo modes so that the image quality is correct.

For example, first switch from Auto to Beauty, then switch back to Auto.

  • If the phone camera gives out-of-focus pictures, then these simple hacks will help you to solve it.
  • Camera cache can cause problems in resolution, so first clear it, we tell you how to do it.
  • Find “camera” in “applications” and then clear cache on it. In this way you will be able to clear your memory and your problem will also be solved.

3. Hardware Issue

  • Sometimes this reason can also be due to hardware, this is because when your phone falls in water and also in the ground.
  • In this condition, you can repair your device by going to the repair shop.
  • If you are sure that this could be a hardware problem, then follow the given steps:
  • If your phone falls on the water, then find that damage in this way.
  • There is a sticker inside the battery compartment to show that your phone got wet. It is white in color but if some changes are visible in it then it is a sign of water damaged. If this happens, then you keep your phone parts in a dry place and you clean it with a cloth, then keep it in a warm place so that the water evaporates.
  • Do not keep it on heat source, which can cause even more damage. Wait for at least two to three days until it dries completely, then join the parts back.
  • Then you reset the device so that your screen can be clear and it does not affect your data, only the device will restart.
  • If the image becomes blurry again, then there is some issue in your hardware, you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

4. Check image resolution

  • When you have full HD image and it is not compressed then for the same reason you can get blurry wallpaper in device.
  • Here the issue is of your resolution. This is because Android only treats wallpapers.
  • As the iPhone sets all the wallpapers without cropping, but in comparison, Android has a system of cropping only and putting them on the screen.
  • On iPhone every time you swipe up you have the same image on the home screen.
  • If you have three images then android will show different in all three. So the image should be twice the width of the screen resolution.
  • Even if the image perfectly matches your screen resolution, Android crops it as required for its Android home screen.
  • Select an image the same height and twice the width of your screen resolution.

How to check screen resolution

  • You may also get blurry wallpaper if the resolution of the image and your phone screen is not correct.
  • To check the screen resolution, kindly follow this steps:
  • Settings>display>screen resolution
  • You can choose between Low, High and Smart resolution options.
  • First of all, confirm that both the screen and image resolution are correct, then only you will get to see the correct result. Also, check the image aspect ratio and make sure it looks like a phone.
  • The standard aspect ratio is 16:9 but you may find others depending on the device (eg, 19.5:9 and 20:9).
  • When there is a mismatch between the image and screen resolutions, your phone will stretch the image to fit the screen size.
  • This can make the image blurry as the stretching quality is reduced.

5. If you are using Live Wallpaper then check it

  • Live Wallpapers are as bad as they look good, such as for battery consumption and media library.
  • They are animated images which make the background fancy type but also have more blur effect which you cannot change till the image does not come in its correct form.
  • Some blur them and when you touch the screen, the image will be clear. There is no way to correct this problem because it already comes as it is.
  • If you want to use live wallpaper, then select it without blur and without animated background until it looks right.

6. Check the Settings of your Android device

  • Android phones have options for Blurry and Clear images Wallpapers.
  • That’s why the first thing you have to check is that all is clear in the wallpaper settings.
  • To do this, go to your phone Settings and find “Display”. Click on “Wallpaper” and tap on “Clear Image” option.

So here are some tips to fit the wallpaper without blurring so that it will look perfect on your phone. We hope that you will find this information correct and you will use it in the way we have told you and will also share it further.

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