How To Find And Clear Facebook Watch History?

We all consume a lot of social media throughout the day. From the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep, there is never a moment when our phone is not with us. A favorite activity of internet folk is watching Facebook videos.

We all of us going, right? Keep scrolling and see one video after another. And the next thing you know, over an hour has passed, and we’re lying in bed watching videos on Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with indulging in a lot of videos. But you know that the Facebook video you watch, It keeps Facebook information of all your watched videos? And how do you clear Facebook watch history at once?

How To Find And Clear Watch History On Facebook App?
How To Find And Clear Watch History On Facebook App?

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How to remove the video you see on Facebook, follow the steps below:

1. Go to “Settings and Privacy” on your Facebook profile.

2. Select the “Filters” option in your “Activity Log”.

3. The “Video You Watched” will be found under the “Categories”.

4. Then you select delete to delete all videos or one by one.

Facebook Watch gets 1.25 billion monthly traffic! Even if there is a video available on Facebook, it is only for us to watch. Be it live events, sports news and entertainment like music videos and TV shows.

Facebook collects the data you watch on the videos so that it can show you better content on its platform. If you know that this happens and you want to know how to fix it, then this blog will help you.

What Is Facebook Watch Video?

  • Facebook has been focusing on online video in recent years, and it appears the new strategy is paying off. The new feature of the app is now viewed over 30 billion times per day and millions of minutes of new content are uploaded to the site every day!
  • Facebook Watch is a video platform that is available inside Facebook and can also be viewed from desktop but must be Facebook ID. In this Facebook watch, videos can be seen in many different categories.
  • The main section of your Feed’s Watch is filled with recent video content from Pages you follow and like.

How Do I Clear Facebook Watch History

Follow some of the steps given below on your Facebook app so that you can clear Facebook watch history.

1. Open your Facebook account in your app or browser.

2. Click on the account button in the right corner of the screen, then on the notifications icon.

3. Then click on Settings and Privacy from there.

4. From Settings and Privacy, scroll down and click Activity Log, then click Filter.

5. By selecting the watched videos you have seen. click on save changes.

6. Delete manually by selecting the video, which you want to delete.

7. If you want all watch histories to be removed at once, click on the link below the videos that you have watched. Click on the Clear Watch History button. By which your entire Facebook watch history will be removed at once.

  • See, this is a very simple step, whether it is iOS users or Android users. so there’s nothing to think about!
  • So now that we have seen how to delete watch history, now let us see why you should do it.

Why You Should Clear Your Facebook Watch History?

  • Because of your privacy you should clear this Facebook watch history.
  • The second reason would be that whenever a user shares his device with your family members or friends, then they also get to know your watch.
  • If your children are using your phone and sharing your Facebook account with others, then you should also delete your watch history.

Conclusions :

Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that it’s nice to have a feature on the app with the option to clear Facebook watch history so you can rest easy. Whether you remove together or one by one, these are very easy steps.

So keep watching our blog like this.

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