How many accounts can i unfollow on instagram? (Per Hour & Day)

How many accounts can i unfollow on instagram?
How many accounts can i unfollow on instagram?

Is there a limit on unfollowing on Instagram?

  • By the way, Instagram gives a limit of 200 per day to follow or unfollow everyone. If your Instagram account is new, that means it has not been even 3 month since the account was created, then your limit will be 150 Per day.

How many people can you unfollow in 24 hours on instagram?

  • You people must be running the Instagram app, but you people will not know that how many people you can unfollow per day, that too on Instagram. Let us tell you that you can unfollow 200 accounts per day, if it is a new account which is 3 months old. If your Instagram account has been created for 1 year, then you can unfollow 700 accounts per day. But remember that whenever you start unfollowing someone, do it with an hour limit on 60 accounts and do it in a gap of 25-30 seconds.

How to unfollow everyone at once without being blocked on Instagram?

  • It is not possible to unfollow more than the Instagram limit in one day. Just like you handle more than one account on your Instagram app, in the same way, Instagram also keeps track of how many accounts you are unfollowing simultaneously. The rule that Instagram makes remains perfect and no one breaks it, even if someone breaks it, Instagram takes action accordingly.

Why can’t I follow or unfollow a specific person on instagram?

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