How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube? Try This

YouTube is a very large video sharing network in the world and is a very good place to upload videos and also find my uploaded videos on YouTube is very much easy, you also share videos with others. Google is the one who manages YouTube, due to which you get more trust because of Google, due to which your uploaded video remains ranked in Google’s search console.

Very well, YouTube gives two options for uploading videos, which are private and public. If you put a video in private, it means that only you will be able to see that video. But if you make it public, then the whole world can watch that video on YouTube.

Whenever you upload any of your videos on YouTube, you can manage that video from YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio also shows you live views of your videos and also shows your Subscribers that how many subscribe your channel and also provides important video analytics. Not only this, you can also edit your video, privacy settings and take down your video from your YouTube studio.

In other way you can find your YouTube video from your YouTube search bar. If you search with exact title and channel name then you will get your video in search result. You can only watch the video from it, you cannot edit it.

How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube?
How to Find My Uploaded Videos on YouTube?

Let’s explore the above options of both of these which will allow you to find uploaded videos on YouTube.

Two ways that “How To Find My Uploaded Videos On YouTube?”

Above I have mentioned you two ways by which we will be able to find the uploaded videos. We will see and learn those two methods in detail so that you can find the video quickly.

How Do I Find My Uploaded Videos In YouTube? that too from YouTube Studio

Most of you would like to find youtube videos in mobile. Come on, no problem, first we look at mobile, then we also find out about desktop.

  • You will need to download YouTube Studio App, before you can access it from your mobile phone. This app is available in both Google Playstore and iOS App Store.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and fill in the information from the email Id you want to find out. After entering the email ID, your YouTube studio will be ready and you will get the right analytics for all your videos.

Now follow the steps given below to find Youtube Uploaded videos from your desktop:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: On the site, you will see the profile icon in the top right corner, click on it.

Step 3: Click on YouTube Studio.

Step 4: Click on Videos.

Step 5: As you can see in the image below, you will be shown the list of your uploaded videos.

Step 6: You click on any one video, then from that you will get all the options to manage your video.

Keep this in mind: You should never share your YouTube channel’s email address with anyone, if you are doing so, do not give the password.

How Will You Be Able To Find Your Uploaded Videos of YouTube with YouTube search

  • Earlier I used to think that whenever I upload my video on YouTube and search with the same title, then I will get my video in the first result.
  • But later I came to know that this is not the case. Whenever you upload a video, Google search engine will first analyze it, and if your content is unique and something special, then only you will see your video slowly coming up in the search results.
  • It takes a few days for your video to be ranked and sometimes it takes a month and sometimes it is not even seen in search results.
  • The second way is, if you want to see your video top, then you search the video title in the search bar, that too with your channel name. If your search is as I told you, then you will be able to see your video above.

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The best and best way to find videos is from youtube studio where you not only get the videos but also manage them well, we have told you two ways but if you see from our point of view then it is only youtube studio.

Conclusion :-

We hope that today’s research of ours, that how to find my uploaded videos on YouTube, is not only good for you but also easy to use and we also hope that you will share this research of ours further.

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