Bad Snapchat Camera Quality? Try This Fixes

The more famous the Snapchat app is with the camera, the more headlines it becomes if its camera does not work properly in Android. Snapchat is very important because of its camera features and it also helps users to send snaps in a strange way.

The hardware of Android makes the quality grow constantly, but the Snapchat app remains the same, regarding the quality of the images and videos of those who annoy the users.

How you use the snapchat app, is a vital part for the camera to process. As we all know, that snapchat camera gives us cool filters and different animations too. Let’s worry less if your camera is too zoomed and poor quality photos are taken, then you are at the right place to solve your problem.

Bad Snapchat Camera Quality?
Bad Snapchat Camera Quality?

It is all right, if you are a user of iOS device and your Snapchat camera is not focusing then we talked about it earlier. If you have not read that blog of ours then you can read.

Now in this guide, we have found some issues due to which your Android phone’s or iPhone camera will be giving poor quality. We have told you its complete detail process in this guide, so that you will be able to fix the issues.

How to fix Snapchat Camera Quality?

  • Some steps by which you can get a solution to fix the camera quality in your device. See the steps given below and then you will get its reason also after that.

1. Update Your Devices

2. Update Snapchat App.

3. Reinstall Snapchat App.

4. Restart Your Device.

5. General Troubleshoot.

6. Close And Reopen Snapchat.

7. Factory Reset

These are some of the steps which may be spoiling the camera quality of your device.

1. Update your Devices

  • First of all, you should be sure that your operating system is in its latest version, if not, then you should update it. If you do not update Android or iOS device, then many bugs and glitches come in your device.

2. Update Snapchat app

  • If your device is updated but your Snapchat app is not updated, then you must also update it.

Here’s how to update Snapchat:

  1. Open the Play Store app or App Store and search for “Snapchat” in the search bar.
  2. Update the app by clicking on the Update button after coming on the Snapchat app search list.

3. Reinstall Snapchat app

  • Updating Snapchat will bring some new features to your application and may also solve your problem. However, if your Snapchat is corrupted and has too many old files, then even an update will not be able to fix it.
  • Uninstalling Snapchat will erase all traces from your Android or iPhone. At the same time, reinstalling will give you the new authentic version from play store or app store. From here you will be able to check the condition of your Snapchat app.

4. Restart your Device

  • Although your camera is also a hardware component which is on the back of your device. Any kind of software glitch can lead to hardware malfunction.
  • Not to be confused, Restarting your device can be a great step to terminate all the running processes on your device. Reboot frees all your applications from your RAM, including the operating system.
  • This is necessary because if there are any bugs in your device, then it gets removed from your operating system by restarting it.

5. General Troubleshoot

  • If you are not sure whether the camera quality is already good or not, then try the reason mentioned above.
  • Is camera quality a different matter on Snapchat? This means that your camera is giving problems only while taking pictures on Snapchat and not any other apps.

Look at your photo quality together with other apps

  1. You can open your camera on Messenger and Instagram and take pictures from the same.
  2. Now you compare those pictures with each other and check its quality.
  3. Now finally you take photo from snapchat and compare it with two photos which you have taken earlier from both those apps.

If you find that there is a lot of difference in the snapchat pictures quality from other apps then it is a big problem either it is a direct problem with snapchat. You may be able to resolve this issue by contacting Snapchat’s support team directly.

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